Foresight Hindsight and Folly - "A man's own folly ruins his life, yet his heart rages against the Lord" (Proverbs 19:3).

History of the Green Berets - Special Forces Major Herbert Brucker was behind the beginning of the green beret designation in the year 1953.

Live Your Life As An Exclamation Not An Explanation - Both enthusiasm and pessimism are contagious.

Personality Easy Ways To Improve It - Personality cannot be quantified.

The Secret of the Universe It Exists Only for Unreflecting Minds - There is an interesting story in the Yoga Vasishta about the ?Origin of the Universe?.

Top Stress Reducers Are Dogs - Stress-related illnesses are at an all time high in America, and there is no sign it will lessen.

Are You A KnowAll Or NoAll - Expert or Generalist - what are you? Are you one who will know more and more about one subject and less and less about others? Or you are one who knows something about everything? Those of us who are experts are surprised that some people on the eart.

Miracles - Miracles still occur everyday.

Dating What Do Men Women Find Irresistible in Each Other - Women say they want to find a ?good man? they can love.

Sports Gift Baskets - Copyright 2006 Hali Shipon.

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