The Secret of the Universe It Exists Only for Unreflecting Minds

There is an interesting story in the Yoga Vasishta about the 'Origin of the Universe'.It is not only interesting but beautiful and thought provoking one also. Every body is interested to know the origin of the universe.

But the very existence of the universe is depending upon your mind, declares Yoga Vasishta.Let us read the story:.The origin of the world is indeed like this, in the manner of a tale narrated to a child (by the mother). There are three brave princes in a non-existent city.

(Of these three), two were never born and the other one never indeed was stationed in a womb. Once, having gone out with the object of acquiring the best, they saw in the sky trees possessing fruits and having eaten those sweet fruits, they reached three rivers crowned by large waves, on the way. There, one was completely dry and there was not even a little water in the other two. Having bathed there and sported in the water, and having drunk the water- The three reached a city about to be (or, to be created in the future), at the end of the day. There, they saw three beautiful mansions.

One was without walls and pillars; the other two houses were not produced (i.e. were non-existent). There, they obtained three pans (or vessels) made of melted gold.Of these, two were in pieces and the other one was powdered.

In that, three measures (of rice) less three measures were cooked.Obtaining that food, it was eaten by braahmana-s (meaning priests) without mouths, eating much. Then, those three princes, having eaten the remnants, stayed there happily engaged in hunting.Just as a child attains conviction in this tale narrated by the mother due to a thoughtless (or unreflecting) mind, this creation of worldly life too has assumed existence to those from whose minds, reflection (or enquiry) has left (or dropped).Just as a tree possessing fruits, leaves, creepers, flowers, branches, sprouts and roots exists in the seed of the tree, this (visible universe) exists in Brahman, (the Supreme Spirit).In one place and in another and at some time or other, energies rise from it like rice (rising) from the surfaces of the earth, by the diversity of place, time and like.

The famous declaration 'Brahmam Satyam, Jagat Mithya' in Sanskrit means The Ultimate Reality is True, The world is untrue.The Supreme Brahman (the Ultimate Reality) which is eternal, full all around and immutable, is all powerful. By its power, one shines forth and attains manifestation.It is the energy of consciousness in his bodies (physical, mental etc), as well as the motionless (or potential) energy in a stone. It is also the energy of vibration in the winds and the energy of motion in the waters.

It is also the energy of the void in the space and the energy of destruction in the perishable. So is it clearly understood as the energy of heat (and light) in fire.This truth is being analyzed by Quantum Physics now. Also the research on the levels of consciousness is very interestingly coming nearer to the secret declared by the great sage Vasista.


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By: Santhanam Nagarajan

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