Throwing Away the Gift of Democracy in Iraq

Many Americans watch the unfolding of a Civil War, albeit a small one we have to wonder if it all worth it. It is cost billions of dollars to help the rebuilding of Iraq and countless American lives all to bring the gift of democracy to the Iraqi people. Is it our folly that we work so hard to bring freedom liberty to other lands?.Is Iraq throwing away our gift and our sacrifice to bring them democracy? We understand what Iraq is going through because we know our own history and in what our ancestors went through.

Still to this day we fight for freedoms in demand liberty. The gift of democracy, self-governance and a chance to write your own history is the gift so great and so powerful that you can understand its impacts. But we can.

We have finished up the first phase of the Iraq War in bringing Saddam Hussein to justice and we work on phase II now to help train and build the Iraqis security forces. Next, we must make sure that the infrastructure is in place and solid. But in phase 3 we must realize, that this phase is for the Iraqi people and their new-found government to write in the annals of history. So, for now we should not look upon the civil unrest and mini-confrontational civil conflicts, as if the Iraqi people are throwing away the gift.

In fact, perhaps it shows due to the limited conflicts of the Civil War period, that Iraq and her people fully understand the gift of purple fingers in what that means to the future other children and their children. For those who think that the most recent civil conflict in Iraq is a sign that all is lost; I say to you my friend, nothing is lost, as this is to be expected and it is a challenge, which will be met and conquered by the Iraqi people. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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