Spiritual Challenge in Todays World

You need to look inward. Some people do not understand what looking inward means, really it is just reflection on your life. To sit quietly and think about the past week or month, what has been going on in your life, examine your thoughts and feelings, what are your beliefs and motivations. What have been your experiences, the decisions you have made and the relationships you are in, what are your goals?.

These things help you to understand your good and bad traits, and by understanding you can change the way you act, react and conduct yourself in each of these situations. It takes courage to be truthful to yourself but once you can do this you can then move forward to improving your self and your life becomes easier.Some pointers are be objective, and forgive yourself then focus on the areas that need improving.Spiritually develop your potenrial.

.Religion has a different view than science on spiritual matters and that of the human spirit. No matter what your religion is, it is what you personally believe in that matters where your faith lies is true for you. Religion views people as spiritual beings living on earth as temporary, science on the other hand views the spirit as just one dimension of an individual.Which ever one you believe is of no consequence, realizing your full potential and your needs are what gives you the spiritual and physical balance ,feeding your spirit gives energy to you physically as in a healthy mind, a healthy body. Go within be honest with yourself and grow in all aspects of your life.

.Sandra Hedditch, working towards understanding and helping others to understand Spiritual, Emotional and Mental problems in our lives. http://www.whatismentalhealth.blogspot.

com http://www.how-what-why.com.

By: Sandra Hedditch

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Spiritual Challenge in Todays World - You need to look inward.

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