Miracles still occur everyday. Keep your eyes open and you will see and be a part of them. A miracle is a supernatural event that might not occur otherwise unless there is extraordinary encounter, situation, or distress that requires it. A miracle can shatter time, as we know it.

The right elements and absolutely the best people to resolve a situation are lined up and brought together with awesome speed. Supernatural protection, guidance, speed, strength, agility, stamina, ability, and healing are suddenly available to average people. On an energetic side very few of us know for sure what happened in those exact moments of a miracle unfolding. We are just grateful when it does happen.

Miracles have happened regardless of what religion a person or group has practiced or where they live in the world. A miracle is an act of great compassion for everyone involved. It could become a catalyst for great change. Surely after a miracle occurs in your life, you are not the same.

Everyone who is impacted by a miracle is greatly changed. For many it is an opportunity to drop an old belief system that has stopped them, and open to a new flow and regain their love of life.There are many other examples of miracles occurring. There was show on TV called "It's a Miracle" and every week they would show three or four miracles that happened to real people.

It was so touching to see these miracles and the show gave you hope. In one episode a single mom with two boys, was struggling through a very difficult thanksgiving holiday shortly after her divorce. She lived in a cheap apartment complex. She woke up feeling very depressed, lonely and worthless about her self. She kept thinking about a thanksgiving meal, but she didn't have any money for food for her and her boys.

No one had invited them to thanksgiving meal and she felt alone. She had taken the kids to the park and bought a hot dog for each of them. But everyone was still hungry and by the time they got home. The mother was feeling quite dejected. As they were walking up the stairs to their room an elderly woman came out of the lower apartment and waved at them excitedly. She had made a nice turkey dinner for them and wanted to invite them all to thanksgiving dinner.

The family accepted and entered into the woman's apartment.The mom described everything as warm and cozy and the lights were softly lit. They had a wonderful meal, and the woman gave them unconditional love and acceptance. The family had enough left-overs for the week and the single mother's self esteem was lifted.

She felt loved, respected and that she was a good mom, and that everything was going to be okay. The surprise came the next morning when the young woman returned to the elderly woman's apartment to give back the borrowed Tupperware for the food of the night before. No one was home, and when the young mom looked through all the windows, she discovered that the apartment was completely empty of any furniture and did not look like any one at all had even occupied it as recently as last night.When she inquired with the apartment manager, he told her that apartment had been empty for three to four months.

When she was interviewed for the program she told the audience that the elderly host had served all their favorite foods, and she knew specific information about the family and the woman. She knew where the young mom worked and what the boys enjoyed. The young woman felt in her heart that she had dinner with an angel that night.From the book, Real People. Real Needs.

Real Victories by Kenneth Copeland Publications which describes actual miracles that happened to his partners, this is an except from the story called "When time moved ahead in Green Valley." It was set in the Appalachians and it tells of a woman who was raising her grandsons on her farm. She was a woman of great faith and she was well versed in the bible. Her grandson Michael who was eleven years old at that time, had jumped onto the back of the tractor just as it was being backed out of the barn. The metal rails of the barn ceiling were very low and Michael forgot to duck his head as they passed overhead. He was hit with full force in the face and head by the metal rails and was picked off his feet and squeezed between the tractor and the barn rails above.

The left side of his face was totally flattened. The bridge of his nose was shoved a half inch into his skull. His left eye had been displaced. His nostrils were ripped away and blood spurted from his nose. Michael's grandmother was terrified when she saw him, but she prayed in faith over him, and kept her fear in restraint. She had to drive Michael to the hospital because there was no ambulance service.

When he arrived there after the initial exam and review of his xrays the doctors there had to send him to another hospital fifty-four miles away to see a specialist and reconstructive surgeon. The extent of his injuries was severe. His nose, and two cheekbones were broken, his sinuses were torn away, his jaw and teeth had been realigned. His palate was shattered.

The doctor at the second hospital also told Michael's grandmother that he should have had his neck broken from an injury like his. Even though he needed massive surgery the hospital was full and the doctor sent him back home. His surgery was scheduled for eight in the morning. His grandmother Floye prayed over him all night and rebuked any fear, doubt, called for the angels to help her grandson.

The next morning the hospital called and told her that the hospital was still full.That day the temperature was 103 degrees. Michaels face was swelling, he couldn't breathe, and his condition was getting worse. Family, friends, and her church were all praying over Michael. Michael's father arrived at 4 in the morning the next day, and immediately took his son to the hospital. He had a five and half hour surgery to reconstruct his face.

He was sent to ICU and the surgeon told Floye and Michael's father that his recovery would take six weeks to three months in the hospital along with plastic surgery. Floye began praying in ICU, and she claimed her rights that Jesus could heal Michael. She prayed that time would be moved forward and that he would have a rapid recovery.

One hour later his face was no longer flat and misshapen. The next day he was moved from ICU and he was discharge in three days. Two weeks later when he went back for his two week checkup, the skin on his face had formed new skin and there were no scars. Michael went back to school in the middle of August.

In October he was playing basketball with the team. He has completely recovered from his injuries that should have killed him. Time was truly sped up for Michael.There are many such as these that happen all around us. Keep believing, that Miracles happen, that healing happens, and that we are part of the bigger consciousness. Our lives do make an impact and we are deeply loved by a loving consciousness.

We can be a catalyst for change, for the supernatural encounter, and for acts of miraculous intervention.

.Yoga Kat--aka Katheryn Hoban is a yoga teacher and Reiki Master Teacher with twelve years experience. She teaches children's yoga ages 3-6, and 7-12 and Adults privately in NJ.

She is the author the book DAUGHTER BELOVED which will come out next year. She has created a children's affirmation CD (ages 3-6) and an affirmation CD for adults. Yoga Kat is available for speaking or writing and can be reached at katscoolcorner@yahoo.com or 201 970-9340.COMING SOON http://www.


By: Katheryn Hoban

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