Boycott Pitifully Weak and Poor Showing

Illegal immigrants and illegal aliens took to the street in protest and as promised they did not show up for work like lazy sloths and instead marched in our streets complaining about the United States of America. A nation they wanted to come to so badly that they broke in and invaded and crossed deserts to get here.If the United States of America is so bad why did they come here? The illegal aliens promised to and they did boycott American small businesses and corporations on the famous Communist holiday May 1 or May Day. The United States of America is not a Communist country and we do not take the day off on a Communist holiday thank you very much.

The illegal alien and illegal immigration boycott was a pitiful display of behavior. We cannot reward these lawbreakers by changing our law or by giving them rights they are not entitled to, as they broke the law in coming here in the first place. Additionally I would like to make a point that their boycott was BS and their marches show us exactly what types of people we're dealing with.It is disgusting to see people marching with the American flag upside down and people chanting and anti-American slogans in our streets.

Especially when these people are not even U.S. citizens and do not have the right to free speech in our nation anyway. They are party crashers and they must be expelled and crawled out of our country and we must put up fences and knockoff this crap. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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