Can the Source of Existence be a Thing

The following are my ponderances on the Source of existence. It is not a definitive article. It is just an expression of my own thoughts.The question for ponderance is: Can the Source of existence be a thing?.If the source of existence is a tangible thing, then who is the creator of this Being or thing call the Source?.

So can the Source be a thing or an object? Can the Source be tangible? If the Source can be an object, then how can it be the ultimate? Because if it is an object/thing/Being, then who is the creator of this object/thing/Being? If it is an object, by conventional rationalisation, there must be a creator for this object. If it is not so, can a thing or an object be already self-existing? This is indeed a very profound and paradoxical question.My opinion is that when we try to interpret the Source with our mind, we are in fact trying to imagine/conceptualise the ungraspable. And by this very action of our conceptualisation, Source becomes a concept/idea and in our mind it becomes 'objectified' and conceptualised. Metaphorically speaking, it is like a dog trying to bite its own tail. We will be going round and round in circles and still no sight of the Source can be seen.

From my understanding and opinion, there is in reality no creator-creation division. It is an optical, perceptual and experiential illusion.a matrix so to speak. Observer(me) and the being observed (other) is a hypnotic thought.

creating the appearance of 'me and other'. This is quite hard to explain. The closest analogy is that life experience is like a dream of an individual self.

When in actual fact, the individual self is a dream character within the tapestry of existence. The experience of an individual interacting with his/her environment is an impression.Thank you for reading. I hope it has been interesting for you.

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By: Shen Gerald

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