Cheating In Love Should You Tell Your Partner Or Not

Cheating is considered unpardonable. Everybody takes cheating by the partner very seriously. But most of us cheat at one or the other time -if not physically then emotionally. What if you cheated on your partner in a momentary lapse and are now very much regretting it. Should you tell your partner or not?.

Love Can Not Be Lost-.You are worried that if you tell your partner, you may loose the relationship and the love forever. But you cannot afford to loose the love. You love your partner very much and the thought of staying separately frightens you. You don't want to take any risk with your love.

If you tell your partner about your cheating, you may lose that love.Love And Lies Can Not Stay Together-.If we love deeply then our relationship is always very open. We are so open and hones with each other that forget physical cheating, we don't even think about emotional cheating.

If you want to know more about emotional cheating try this quiz- Are you emotionally cheating your spouse?.Once we decide to hide our cheating we go into mental trauma. We are always thinking about the cheating and not telling. Along with that we are worried about getting caught.

This torture of emotions affects our love and our partner will sense that something is amiss. The relationship will suffer.In both the alternatives, the relationship stands to suffer because the deed has been done. What do you think is the better alternative? You will tell your partner or hide?.


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By: CD Mohatta

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