Choosing The Best Gift For The One Youre Dating

It's your significant other's birthday. Or maybe it's Valentine's Day, Christmas, or the anniversary of the day you first kissed. Whatever the gift-giving occasion, it's important to choose a present that accurately represents your feelings, without appearing overbearing or overly intimate.

Here are some quick guidelines for common "dating" gifts that will help you choose the best gift for the one you're dating.CDs, DVDs, Books.These are always a safe choice, even in the early stages of a relationship. To show your boyfriend or girlfriend that you're really listening to what they say, buy them a disk or book that reflects their interests, not yours.

Sporting Tickets Or Concert Tickets.Again, this is generally a safe choice, though it may be best to wait until you're at the stage in your relationship when you know you'll be spending your Friday nights together. How embarrassing would it be to buy him tickets to Friday night's basketball game, only to find out that he has a date with someone else that evening?.Lingerie & Underwear.

This choice is involves giving a very intimate gift that should be purchased only if you're certain of the other person's tastes and size. It is most appropriate if you've reached the intimate stage of your relationship, or if your relationship is mostly physical instead of emotional.Travel Tickets & Vacation Packages.This type of gift, like a weekend getaway, a romantic cruise, or a beach trip, is best for the devoted couple.

Springing this type of gift on someone too early might seem presumptuous, so wait until you're calling each other pet names before you plan a Bahamas vacation.

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By: Peter Portero

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