Dating on the Net

There seems to be a certain stigma attached to relationships formed through the net yet many people every year meet their future partners online.Many people join dating and friendship sites and start chatting away with people of interest until someone comes along one day that they become intimate with on an emotional level it changes the whole dynamic of their relationship with the Internet.It starts off as a bit of fun, meeting new people, flirting away, pushing the boundaries to see how far you can push the conversation, hoping you can get to that elusive "bed room chat".The next stage pushes the boundaries a bit further. A lot of people you have been talking with have come and gone but you have been speaking to this one person for a long time, sometimes it's general chat, other times it's light hearted pillow talk, you have even been sending texts to one another from your mobile phones.

One day the conversation moves to uncharted territory, "Would you like to meet", you are surprised and take a moment to reply, "are you still there?", you reply, I'm still here?yes that's a great idea, although beneath it all you don't believe it will happen.Nothing is mentioned for a week or so until it pops up again "so when do you want to meet?", you know they only live 30 minutes away yet you are still not sure, in the end you reply, "whenever your free, why don't you choose a day". A day is chosen and you're all geared up for the meeting, after all you've had conversations about everything and you feel you know them really well.

The day arrives and you get up early, have a shower and a shave, dress up and prepare yourself for the day ahead?. What happens after this point is your own story.

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By: Joanne King

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