Does Compromise and Priority Fit Together in Gods Word

I'm sure, like me you may have been thought of as being "holier than Thou" at some point in time during your walk of faith. People seem to think that all of a sudden a saved person thinks they are better than everyone, including God. They just don't get it, obviously. These are not the traits of a true Christian, that's the way the world sees it because they don't know better.

I pray this article will help clear up this false accusation.Is holiness a priority of Christian life? We're not suppose to 'act' holy. That's right, we're not suppose to act, it will become a very real action.

It doesn't mean we are better than anyone, and certainly not God! God tells us to be holy. God sees humility as the purest form of holiness. Are we being proud or humble in our walk?."But as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, 'Be holy, for I am holy'.

" 1 Pt. 1:15-16.Holiness is not just a character of God's.

And it's not one that we as humans can never attain. On the contrary, God expects His people to be holy also. He told them in Lev. 11:44-45 and since He never changes, it still holds true for today. We have gotten way off track and tend to compromise every thing. First of all God doesn't expect us to do anything or be anything if we can't accomplish it through His grace.

If we consider ourselves to be godly, then being holy must be one of those attributes. God says it's possible so therefore it is attainable! God expects us to be holy too.As the apostle Peter wrote in his letter, he was instructing the church in how they must learn to suffer as Christ suffered and trust that God would amplify His grace in their lives. Being holy in all their conduct was his instructions.

Why do we think ourselves beyond that?."So brace up your minds; be sober (circumspect, morally alert); set your hope wholly and unchangeably on the grace (divine favor) that is coming to you when Christ (the Messiah) is revealed." 1 Pt. 1:13 (Amplified).In other words, he's instructing these people who were being persecuted in Rome to be prepared for action.

As the saying goes, "where the mind goes, the man will follow." You only conduct yourself in the manner that you have made your mind up to be. So, Peter is saying that we must conduct ourselves in holiness because God gives us the grace to do it. Sin in the world is nothing new.

This century didn't invent it. God knows that His grace will set us apart from those who are "in" the world. There are people who just don't care.But, how many are actually willing to be holy? Do we compromise when it comes to being holy? Many saved people live with one foot in and one foot out. But the Word of the Lord says if you are lukewarm you will one day leave a very bad taste in His mouth, so much that He will spit you out.

It's very plain that He will not be pleased with compromise.But, how does one go about being holy? Isn't it hard? It will take some work, but it will be to your benefit. This will not be in vain. Being holy will take time, but we all have time as long as God is willing to give it.

Why not use it for His glory? Being holy is like any other thing we maintain to attain. It calls for diligence in putting God on the front burner of our brain. That means He is first in all things. When we ask Him to direct us, we have to approach Him in prayer. So, prayerful thoughts all throughout our day is a must. Stepping out from feelings of compulsion or dire need is not what God has authored for us.

He is patient and He expects us to be patient also and wait for Him to answer. This calls for quiet time to hear Him. Today, it's almost impossible for people to get still and quiet. We have i pods, cell phones, radios, tvs, etc. We can't focus on God when we're being distracted.

So turn it off!.God expects us to depend wholly on Him and His Word. Jesus describes this as "abiding" in Him. It means to dwell. Are we dwelling in Jesus and He in us today? When we read God's Word and study it, and meditate on it we will benefit from the health aspects of it.

We pop multi-vitamins and minerals and all kinds of suppliments to make up for what our bodies lack, but we don't feed our mind, soul and spirit properly. We let compromise feed what we lack. Whatever we feed, will grow.Could we be spiritually starving? We are if we're not feeding our mind on God's holiness. God's holiness in our lives will lead the way for our Christian fellowship with others.

We will seek true friends, not those artificial knock-offs. True friendship will develop into looking out side of our own needs. If you need a friend, then be a friend. You can never give what you don't possess. Reaching out to others in need will start to become a priority, and not for what you can get out of it.

It's not for recognition or fame or glory. It's done out of good will and will put a warm happiness in your heart. It will mean being blessed to be a blessing. All of a sudden you will realize, "Hey, the world doesn't revolve around me!" This could be a revelation for some!.

This holiness will give you such peace. It no longer matters whether people give you credit or recognition. It's what God sees that will matter the most.

This is what it means to be holy, it's merely a reflection of God's holiness, it has nothing to do with the individual.A person who does act "holier than Thou" is a person of pride and arrogance. There is a tremendous difference.

Don't mistake the two.Paul described what it means to strive for God's holiness when he wrote:."Make a decisive dedication of your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and well pleasing to God which is your reasonable service and spiritual worship.

Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the things which is good and acceptable and perfect (in His sight for you)," Rom. 12:1-2 (Amplified).So, being holy is a decisive decision, it requires a great deal of time and thought. To compromise is the coward's way out. It's always making excuses for your behavior because you're telling God you can't hang. Funny though how people will do whatever it takes to prove their worthiness in the world.

What is gained by that? God makes no bones about what is gained when we do step up to the plate and strive for our own holiness. He gives eternal life. There just isn't any comparison between the world and God. Also there is no comparision between holiness and compromise.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, start using it for God's glory and it won't be wasted.

.Vivian Gordon writes articles pertaining to God's instructions and the examples He has given us in order to grow on this Christian walk with Him.

She hopes that they can inspire the Christian to grow spiritualy and maturely in their lives.

By: Vivian Gordon

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