Does God Really Want to Know Someone Like Me

When we truly know God, then we know that we truly love Him. after all, God is love. When we love someone else, it makes sense that they also love us back because love is a relationship that works both ways. Our love relationship with our heavenly Father works in the same respect. God designed this relationship in the first place. He made us in His own image and that is LOVE! God not only desires for us to know Him and love Him but that He also knows and loves us.

One thing that keeps us from this is our own doubts and insecurities. So many times we feel inadequate and therefore we wonder, 'does God really want to know someone like me?'.This question is asked probably more than any other. God is use to hearing it and He is also ready to give His answer because it deserves one. For this though we can't rely on answers from other people.

We need to go right to the source. We can not speculate the answer and only God Himself is capable of giving the answer we need to hear. As a matter of fact, God has been giving us that answer for thousands of years and it's been the same one all along. That answer is this; Jesus!.God knew that His relationship with the people in the Old Testament wasn't as personal as He wanted it to be.

Even those people who actually had a "relationship" with God would often cry out and ask why He wasn't answering them or wondered if He even heard them. There was Moses, and David and Job. Even they had doubts sometimes. God didn't want to remain untouchable and knew He had to send His Son in the flesh so that people could walk with Him, talk with Him and even touch Him.

But when Christ spoke, He commanded attention. When God speaks to us today, He still demands our attention. He wants us to know how much He does love us, so please pay attention.In His last prayer, Jesus prayed to His Father on our behalf. He prayed for our protection from Satan and most of all, that we would know Him and His Father, the one and only true God.

Before I go any further with this I just want to share a message that the Holy Spirit had given me on this fact. As you read this prayer in John 17 for yourself, God reminded me that this is not a prayer that is now history. He wanted me to share with you that His Word is alive and active for today and so is this prayer. Just take a minute to think about that, and then ask yourself again if God really wants to know someone like you or not."For the Father Himself (tenderly) loves you because you have loved Me and have believed that I came out from the Father.

" Jn. 16:27 (Amplified).This passage determines that God loves us still, it's continual through the ages. He never stopped. God loves you, present and future tense! But the condition is that it's because we have loved and believed in Christ. Once we confess Christ with our mouth and believe with our heart, we are God's child and He loves us for this act of compassion.

God does however reserve this love for those who do believe and love His Son because He Himself gave us to Christ through His mercy and grace."I am praying for them, I am not praying (requesting) for the world, BUT for those You have given Me, for they belong to You." Jn. 17:9 (Amplified).Christ prayed then and is still praying for God's sons and daughters because God gave us to Christ.

God promised that He will protect us from the evil one, Satan and will allow not one to perish. You may ask, "Why does God love me so much just because I believe in Jesus?" He gives us that answer in the next passage."All (things that are) Mine are Yours, and all (things that are) Yours belong to Me; and I am glorified in (through) them. (They have done Me honor; in them My glory is achieved.)" Jn.

17:10 (Amplified).God loves us so much because our love and belief in Christ gives God GLORY!!! God deserves all our honor, praise and glory. Jesus came to earth as a mortal man so we could know Him on a personal level. This love relationship is a two way street.

There is giving and receiving involved. When we give God the glory He then gives us the right to be His child and then He gives us His gift of ETERNAL LIFE. He sets us apart for His glory and nothing can ever change that. Not even when our doubts tell us we've blown it."While I was with them, I kept and preserved them in Your Name (in the knowledge and worship of You).

Those You have given Me, I guarded and protected, and not one of them has perished or is lost except the son of perdition (Judas Iscariot - the one who is now doomed to destruction, destined to be lost), that the Scripture might be fulfilled." Jn. 17:12 (Read also Ps.

41:9; Jn. 6:70).God gave us eternal life in return for our love of His Son. His gift of eternal life involves His gift of the Holy Spirit which lets us know that God is real."And this is ETERNAL LIFE; (it means) to know (perceive, recognize, and become acquainted with and understand) You, the only true and real God, and (likewise) to know Him, Jesus (as the) Christ (the Anointed One, the Messiah) Whom You have sent.

" Jn. 17:3 (Amplified).In Jn.

16:7, Christ told His disciples that He had no choice but to go away and that God would send His 'Comforter and Helper' through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit's purpose is to convict and convince the world both about sin and righteousness. We often refer to it as our "conscience".

The Holy Spirit teaches us about judgement because Satan has already been judged and condemned. God's Spirit guides His children into all Truth according to Him. Anyone who stays a victim in the world will also suffer the consequences of death and condemnation, just like Judas.When we long to know God better His Spirit then will whisper in our ear words of encouragement. It's God's goal that we will one day all say the same things that Paul said when he wrote this;.

"That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death." Phil. 3:10 (Amplified).What does this mean to suffer with Christ and be conformed to His death? Paul again wrote this;."So for the sake of Christ, I am well pleased, and take pleasure in infirmities, insults, hardships, persecutions, perplexities, and distresses; for when I am weak (in human strength) then I am (truly) strong (able, powerful in divine strength).

" 2 Cor. 12:10 (Amplified).This means that when we are able to bear up under the inconveniences and the painful things that hurt us in the flesh, we can and will become determined and strong in order to hold up under these things because as Christ also suffered in this world, His Father gave Him victory to conquer death and it's the same for us. We only have to realize that whatever we go through in this life time, it isn't the end, but the beginning of our real purpose in life. We have been delivered from death. God truly does love you.

To know and believe in Christ is to know that we have eternal life and are heirs to His kingdom. This is one of the wonders of life when we develop a real connection with God on this side of eternity.Now ask yourself, does God really want to know someone like you? If you get quiet and listen you will hear Him say, "Yes, my child I love you this much." Now picture Christ as He hung on the cross with arms wide open.Remember; the One Who died to save you will never be against you.

Don't let the enemy rob you of your inheritance.

.Vivian Gordon writes inspirational and spiritual articles in which to help strengthen the Believer's walk in Christ. They are often taken from today's point of view and used in conjunction with what God says about certain situations and how we are to handle them. There is always an answer for every problem. These articles are not all about asking God "why?" but in finding the answers.

By: Vivian Gordon

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