Evolution VS Christian Versions of Creationism

Well you will hear no louder debate or greater verbal sparing in online forums than the subject of evolution vs. creationism as atheists and Christians go toe to toe and are out for blood. Recently in an online forum I noticed a thread where just such a debate was taking place and here are a few excerpts of that crazy controversial verbal showdown.

You state; "I am smart enough to know that I did not come from a chimpanzee. IF WE WHERE CHIMPS THEN WHY HAVEN'T CHIMPS EVOILED.".

This is because Chimpanzees do not have too, they are at the top of their food chain, content, happy, capable and few predators except others like them. Sound familiar. Oh yah and the humans trying to kill them, sound even more familiar? They war against each other just like humans. Chimpanzees have all they need in the treetops, all their friends are there and they have everything they need, no need to evolve.

s=7b653305b9a74395049b7298d7337dcd&showtopic=1964.Humans on the other hand started moving around, setting up in different areas, varied their foods, all sorts of other things.

Hey you know who is to say your god did not design both and they are 1% different, if that helps you deal with it?.Actually the "Christ" we study now is all about love, but it was not always that way. You state you are human and work in progress. Indeed good attitude and perhaps my comments will help you become better. So I wish to have you remember; "A person who is offended often seeks revenge" and do not worry you did not offend me, I am past that level, however maybe that tid-bit you will also find in a different set of words in your "owners manual" for your stay here on Earth or Bible as you call it.

The Christian although spoken to respectfully was having none of that non-sense no Sir, she lambasted those statements and told the Atheist to go to hell and about 15 other things I cannot mention here. Fortunately for the Atheist I guess he said he did not believe in hell either? Oh well or oh hell. That is for you to decide. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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