None of us will survive in today's world without the help of our friends. They are the most important things in our lives, next to our family. There are many different types of friends that impact our daily lives.

Whether they are your best friends whom you have known since childhood, or recent acquaintances you have just met, they will play a part in your everyday life.Regardless of how old you are, the importance of having friends is self-evident. Those who have friends are generally healthier, and far more adjusted than those with no friends to relate with.When growing up, the importance of having friends is far more obvious than in adult life.

Having friends will teach you how to interact with other people, as well as give you interpersonal skills that are important in becoming a successful individual as an adult. Growing up isolated from interaction with others in your age group will severely damage your ability to live a normal life. This is the main argument against home schooling children versus allowing them to attend regular school. Critiques of home schooling argue that preventing them from interacting with schoolmates will hinder their abilities to make friends.

Having a friend to talk to during bad times is essential for everyone. Sometimes having someone to talk to about your problem is the necessary therapeutic presence that you need to help you feel better. Most people will agree that the most important source of sanity they have is their friends.If you have found that one person you can call your best friend, someone who will help you with anything without asking questions, and someone who will be there for you anytime anywhere, you are a very lucky person.

People spend a lifetime looking for a best friend, yet some never find that person. Others are lucky enough to experience that once in a lifetime bond you will only feel with a best friend.

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By: Kristy Annely

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