How Do You Cure A Yeast Infection

If you have been feeling tired, have a coated tongue and also a white discharge in the genital area you may have candida or a yeast infection. This can be mistaken for an std or other disease but is very common. If you had bronchitis or another infection lately and took an antibiotitic, you may have developed the yeast infection due the bacteria change in your body.

Additionally if one uses steroids or certain birth control pills, a yeast infection may occur. Wearing damp clothing such as a bathing suit or workout clothing can help a yeast infection breed. Tight clothing or pants can also create problems as can wearing nylon pantyhose. It is best to wear cotton underwear and get out of swimsuits immediately into dry clothing. There are lots of remedies listed for yeast infections but some are not safe.

It is important to use wisdom and common sense as you can hurt yourself using boric acid or anything acidic in the wrong concentration. Remember you are dealing with sensitive tissue when you have a yeast infection. Jarvis and others speak of apple cider vinegar as a nice folk home remedy for yeast infections.

The proportion of apple cider vinegar to water is important as it can burn your skin and hurt the tissue. Do not just use home remedies without research however organic they may sound. Another home remedy for yeast infections discussed is yogurt. This can be applied either by soaking a tampon in yogurt or using another applicator. There is bacteria in the yogurt that creates a healthy envionment internally and will replace bacteria that was killed by antibiotics or other medications.

In addition to finding an effective home remedy it is important to think about prevention of the yeast infection . Some recommend drinking buttermilk daily to retain a normal supply of healthy bacteria and build the body's defenses. You can get acidopholous supplements in the refrigerated section of health food stores. Also there are some brands that are non-refrigerated which is good for travellers.

Be aware that some yogurt supplements have sugar in them and this will defeat the purpose. Having a systematic program is helpful to combat the yeast infection especially for those who are chronic sufferers. There are also anti fungal products such as grapefruit seed oil that are helpful in fighting and replacing bacteria. Your health is important and a yeast infection can compromise your immune system so it's good to get this under control.

Get rid of an untreated candida albicans and compromise your health. Stop by Home Remedy for Yeast Infections to learn Effective Treatments for Yeast Infections

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