How To Reduce Stress

This article looks at ways to reduce the amount people stress. I was often known as a bit if a stress head, which I have to admit was a good description of me. I have now learnt about ways to relax, which have helped me to live a much more care-free life.There have been a number of issues in my own life which have caused me to lose confidence, become stressed and even depressed.

These include:.A lack of true friends.I have had problems with debt.A stutter.A bald patch.I have had problems controlling my weight.

I was often paranoid about what other people thought of me.These issues have caused me many sleepless nights. I would be unable to get to sleep as I was unable to relax.

This was due to constantly worrying and thinking about my problems.I then decided to study ways in which I could increase my self-esteem, reduce the amount that I stressed and also about how I could learn to relax. After a long time, I believed that I had some tools and techniques which would help me.

Stress management techniques.Stop thinking so much.I am what people call a thinker. I basically think too much.

This would not be a problem if I was thinking in a positive way but of course I was a negative thinker.To help me in this quest to stop thinking, I decided to start listening to more music. Whenever I hit a negative thought process, I would play this music.

This could be when I am in the car, when I am in the house and even when I am in bed.The music helps to take my mind off the issues that I was stressing about.Quit smoking and start exercising instead.Many people decide to smoke a cigarette when they are stressed. I believe that a far healthier and cheaper option is to exercise.

I will do a few weights and a few press ups which helps me to let off some steam. It also helps me to fight my anger and fears.Learning to relax.Relaxation was something I found very hard to do.

I have now started various forms of alternative therapy such as tai chi, meditation and reflexology. These are superb at helping people to relax and also help to reduce levels of stress.This is what has helped me to reduce my own stress levels and I hope the advice will be of benefit to other people.

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By: Steve Hill

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