Lance Rants on Diplomacy in the Iranian Atomic Bomb Making Crisis

We cannot allow Nation States, which sponsor International Terrorism to make nuclear bombs? Dah? Whose idea is this? Some think we can use Diplomacy? Yah, good point, let's try, but we may as well be ready for the inevitable as you cannot negotiate with International Terrorists. Some gentleman point out;."It's not pick Side A or Side B. This is a matter of approaching this situation with a deft touch.

Diplomacy can and has been employed with a high degree of success.".I do not disagree, but it appears that we need to play hardball here.

It also appears we can ratchet up the rhetoric just as fast and even make good the cards we are holding. The UN will run out of game playing before Oct of 2006. I do not believe it is wise to wait that long, while Iran develops nuclear warheads to put on top of those Chinese Missiles. Diplomacy, sure I like the idea, any results? Of course not, look who we are dealing with. Some anti-US folks state things such as;.

"The US forces invaded Iraq, hundreds of thousands of people have died. For what? To chase after fictional WMD.".

Incorrect hundreds of thousands of enemies died. And because WhoSay and CooSay and their tyrannical dad who slaughtered Kurds would not fold his cards and leave. Instead he took the same tact as Iranian leadership is taking now.

Whose fault is it? We need to stop listening to this dribble and get down to business. Iran cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons to give to International Terrorists or continue to sponsor International Terrorism. Why is this so hard for people to comprehend? Hmm? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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