Minimizer Bra for the FullFigured Woman

Despite the society giving a generally higher regard for women who have full breasts compared to the flat-chest women, the former have had to suffer with finding clothes that will fit them, more so, the bras that will give them right support and a comfortable fit. Normally, women who usually wear a size C cup and up opt to buy minimizer bras.Minimizer bras are especially intended for women with full bust line. These are aimed to reduce the projection of breasts thus hold the promise of decreasing the bust line by as much as an inch off the tape measure or one full cup size less.

The secret lies in the shape of the cups which hides a part of the breast more under the arm and therefore gives the illusion of a smaller figure and flatter breasts. Another contributing factor in decreasing the bust line aside from the shape of the cup is that the center front is much straighter a line. The seams should also be sewn smoothly and sturdier.

There are a number of companies who carry this line. However designs and sizing may vary among these companies, the rule of thumb here is to find the right bra that works for one's body by trial and error and by consulting a bra expert in specialty stores. These professionals have the eye in seeing what will work and what would not.The following are some of the brands that carry minimizer bras in their collection.1.

Bali Silver Lining Minimizer.The silver slings are designed on the sides of the bra to give the breast the necessary support and lift desired.2.

Bali Seamless Minimizer Underwire.This bra style promises to reduce the bustline for as much as 1 and inches. The overall look of this style is that it is streamlined and smooth minus the band underneath.3.

Satin Tracings Minimizer Underwire.This is a classic style wherein comfort stems from the stretch satin fabric used and shoulder straps with cushion comes together with contemporary styling. It can minimize the bust line until 1 and inches.

4. Lace Desire Minimizer.The cups have a unique embroidery which adds visual breadth. It can reduce 1 and inches off the bust line.5.

Wacoal Slimline Seamless Minimizer.This is an innovative style from Wacoal wherein the underwire support doesn't have panels, lining or any kind of padding. This gives a whole new look on seamless bra innovation. In fact, this is an Oprah favorite because it functions primarily as a minimizer and the cups are embellished with floral embroidery to give it a chic look.

6. Wacoal Elegance Hidden Wire Minimizer.This has concealed underwire cups minus the support sections, cookies, padding or lining.

This style gives a very natural look plus it has lovely embroidery to give a touch of elegance to this beautiful design.7. Wacoal Makeover Seamless Slimline Minimizer.For women who give comfort a priority when purchasing intimate apparel because of the active lifestyles they lead, this Wacoal bra does the primary function of a minimizer bra combined with the promise of long-wear comfort given by its widely set of shoulder clasping straps. In addition, it has embellishments like satin ribbon details which makes it an elegant and classic bra.


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By: Joyce Dietzel

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