Mr Jingles

While having lunch at home the other day, I turned on the television to watch a legendary show. Filled with comedy that brought good old family values to the screen back in the day, the show also included moral lessons in life.This particular show was of no exception, and while finishing my last bite I began to think about the amazing lesson within the show's subject line ? faith, belief, and logic.While walking in the woods, a young boy came across an amazing experience.

Mr. Jingles appeared from out of the trees, an image who wore a bright shiny hat and a magic belt. As he would descend from the trees, Mr. Jingles would 'jingle'.

The young child shared his experience with his father, who became a bit agitated for the wild story that his young blessing was sharing with him. As the story progressed, the child received a stern warning for the 'outrageous fantasies'. The father expressed that it was ok to pretend or to enjoy imagination, but do not extend it beyond logic.The story ended with the father not believing in the experience of the child, but having faith and belief in his young boy. While standing in the woods contemplating the unbelievable story from his child, the father shouted the name of Mr.

Jingles among the treetops. Suddenly a verbal response came from above, and Mr. Jingles climbed down from the trees to the amazement of the father.

Mr. Jingles was actually a telephone lineperson. Wearing a silver safety hat and a belt that carried his many tools, he would climb above the trees to repair telephone lines. As Mr. Jingles would move, his many tools would 'jingle'.Sometimes what we perceive as without any logic later may become 'very real'.

Many believe that a life after or what I define as 'moving on' is simply a hope or in comparison to a young child's make-believe. The life-after sounds so amazing and without logic, one may simply compare it to a 'Mr. Jingles'. What we cannot solidify within our real surroundings we automatically place into the surreal surroundings.Just as the father's faith in his young child, one possibly may consider the faith and belief in what has yet to be experienced.

It is written 'now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see'. Our loved ones who have moved on gave us faith and belief while with us in their physical body, so would they not continue to guide and protect us within their spiritual body? The physical gift of vision may not have the capacity to view concretely the energy of faith and belief. Nevertheless, does this mean it is not with us?.By building upon your faith in life and life-everlasting, you may be standing in the woods verbally responding for a sign of hope, faith, and belief. Do not be surprised if 'Mr.

Jingles' appears to share with you that Life is truly a Gift.


By: Rick Hayes

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