Niagara Falls

I grew up in Western New York State, just a few miles from Niagara Falls. Known sometimes as one of "The Seven Forgotten Natural Wonders of the World," the falls are a magnificent sight to behold.There was one place on the walkways in the park where you could stand directly over the falls, just inches away, and feel all that incredible energy in the huge thundering torrent of white water. It's something you never forget.Despite living so close to Niagara Falls, I never saw it until I was a young adult. There it was all those years, an abundance of natural beauty and grandeur, almost in my backyard.

And I never saw it, or even thought much about it, while I was growing up.Isn't that what we often do in our lives? We have this wealth of abundance, power, and joy literally at our fingertips. And yet we often don't even notice it.Here's Chief Joseph.CHIEF JOSEPH.You all have a Niagara Falls in your own backyard.

You have all you could ever need or want, as John said, literally at your fingertips.Abundance is yours. All you have to do is recognize that fact. And then open to its endless flow.You are all children of the Universe.

You are all good. You are all worthy beings. You are all deserving of the Niagara Falls of abundance the Universe has placed at your disposal -- right there in your own backyard.But for humans, the problem is never a lack of abundance. The problem is -- as it was with John and the "real" Niagara Falls -- your lack of awareness of that abundance.

The abundance is there -- always has been, always will be.More and more of you are finally waking up to that fact.But then, given your modern world and the mass consciousness, many of you -- those who are aware of the literal flood of abundance available to you -- face another hurdle.And that hurdle can be summed up in one short, telling question you often ask yourselves:.

Do I really deserve all this abundance? All this joy? All this money? All these lovers? All this health?.And so on.Friends, the abundance is there for you. Always has been, always will be.It's like a little, excited kid in a candy store.

The only difference between you and that kid is the kid knows she/he is deserving. You don't.And so, let us quickly summarize what we've said here today.First, abundance is yours, a Niagara Falls of abundance.

It's your birthright. It's yours to do with as you wish. It's your gift from the Universe.Second, you deserve all that abundance -- as much as you want and need.

Once you become aware of the Niagara Falls of abundance and well-being -- and once you know you deserve it -- you will have opened up the floodgates.And you will be abundant beyond your wildest dreams.You will have your own Niagara Falls in your own backyard.Copyright 2006 by Great Western Publishing.

********************.P.S. Russell Conwell, among his many other amazing accomplishments, was the founder of Temple University in Philadelphia in 1888. He gave his now-legendary speech, Acres of Diamond, thousands of times.

The basic message was your diamonds (abundance) are not in some far-off land, but right there in your own backyard. All you must do is look and then find -- just as Joseph said today.Conwell's speech is now in the public domain (not protected by copyright). If you'd like a copy of it (in PDF format), email me your request.

.*********************.Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a spirit called Joseph.

In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now Oregon.Email: Website: http://www.greatwesternpublishing.

org Free newsletter at: Private readings with Chief Joseph at:

By: John Cali

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