Perpetual DejaVu Lifes Road Marks

So you walk into a place which you have never been before, but you get the strange feeling you have been there before. The usual response would be to say Deja-Vu, but words fail to explain or define this strange phenomenon. Hopefully this article will shed some light on the subject as there are many ways in describing and categorizing Deja-Vu.
.Defining Deja-Vu
Generally when you go to bed at night your body falls asleep, but your spirit or soul does not. In your sleep state you spirit goes to other planes of existence to explore and learn from.

Now once in a while your mind perceives some of these locations and situations as dreams and when you awake, you don't give it a second thought to whether or not it was real. That's until you experience Deja-Vu.
.A physical explanation would be that your mind is in conflict with itself, almost like your mind is rewriting a piece of memory with exactly the same information as before. But another way to look at it is that your mind is actually correlating a dream you had with actual reality.

.A spiritual explanation would be that you are being reminded about many truths in life. Truths like there is more to life than just this physical world, that to get to that moment in time every decision you took was the correct one, as well many other truths.
.I have from personal experience defined three types of Deja-Vu's as described below.

.In the Moment Deja-Vu
By far the most strangest and thought provoking Deja-Vu one can experience. Here a person is witnessing a situation unfold physically for the very first time, but for the second time mentally and emotionally. You can look at this as Time-Travel of the soul.
.Location Deja-Vu
Here one knows the basic layout of a location like a house or town although never actually being there before.

Consider this a reminder of having a previous life as well as Karma.
.Coincidental or Psychic Deja-Vu
Probably the most common Deja-Vu, although not being truly considered as one. Here in an awake state a person has an idea or even a vision of the future.

This can be something like having the thought cross your mind of a movie you have not seen in ages, and in the days or weeks ahead you hear something about it or even get to see that movie. Here consider the possibility that you are able to will things into your life, for more clarity look into meditation.Conclusion
You may have called Deja-Vu an anomaly of existence, rather look at Deja-Vu as life's road marks reminding you that there is more to life than just money. Remember every action (good or bad) has consequences, thus every action you have taken in the past leads you to your next Deja-Vu.

Eventually, all your actions will lead to Enlightenment.


G van der Westhuizen
A software developer currently working on an open source Lotto database application.


By: Nico Van Der Westhuizen

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