Privatized Prisons and Incentive Concept

Because of the need for more prisons in the United States of America and with so many illegal aliens and illegal immigrants coming over the border and committing crimes there are not enough places to house these criminals. It makes sense to allow free enterprise and private prisons into our present system to help alleviate the problems with prison costs and inefficiencies.Some people do not like the idea of privatized prisons because they believe that will lead to the abuse of people who are incarcerated. It is true that that could happen and must be looked at, however I think there might be an easier way to solve this problem.

What if each prison was given a bonus if there was no recidivism or return of the prisoners who had already served their sentence?.This means the prison would get an increased allotment as part of their contract with the state for providing the private prison. The private prisons would therefore wish to have training and job skills education within their facilities to make sure they got the bonus in the future.Obviously government run prisons have never been able to stop the recidivism rates from increasing, but somehow it seems to me the private enterprise always finds a way to get the job done if there is a profit incentive.

And sense we are already building private prisons to help alleviate the stress and overpopulation of our prison systems, why not give a bonus to those private prisons who get the job done correctly the first time. Think of this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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