Psychology of the Prosperous

Let's talk about thoughts and changing your thoughts because the way to change your income and your future is to change your thoughts. Your subconscious mind is the center for all emotions. When your subconscious accepts an idea it begins to execute it. And what it does is it uses ideas, knowledge, energy, wisdom, it will go out there and find the solution.Now it might be in an instant, it might take days, it might take weeks or even longer, but it will work on a solution. You need to understand that as you program your mind and ask yourself do you accept negative suggestions in your mind and when people say, "Well I can't" or "That's too hard" or "I'll fail" or "Why try" and "Nobody cares", makes a huge difference on how your mind works and your subconscious mind, if your telling yourself that you can't do it and when you have that voice that I call the internal heckler, that heckler inside you that tells you that you can't do it.

It is important that you take that voice and turn the volume down and change it around to where "I can do it" and "I'm going to win" "there's plenty for everybody." It is going to make a difference and that is the important thing because your subconscious mind will accept what you program. It will never argue with you, you don't need to put any obstacles in front of it. The bottom line is that you are what you think about.

You have the power to choose.Control your thoughts. It does take work you know either thinking about this or thinking about that and maybe it is not necessarily controlling your thoughts because sometimes thoughts are going to pop into your head that you don't know where it came from. It is just a matter of redirecting your thoughts and focusing on the thoughts that you need to focus on and getting rid of the other thoughts that you don't want to focus on. You know controlling your thoughts is a process. Understanding what is coming into your mind and then understanding what it is doing to you and some people use a rubber band to stamp their wrist every time the thought comes into their mind and that fixes it real fast.

Some even use the analogy that every time a negative thought a thousand dollars is deducted from your bank account. And that is sometimes what it costs you.The big picture is that as you look at your thoughts it be aware and have the ability to redirect them and think about them and understand that negative thoughts will do damage.

You need to watch what you feed your mind and be aware because if you dwell on obstacles, problems or difficulties, many times your subconscious mind will respond accordingly and will block your success. It is important to be aware that your subconscious mind will speak to you. The way it speaks to you could be your intuition, impulses, urges, or it could also be a hunch.

The important thing to understand is, are you listening, because if you don't start following them then you might not hear it. Are you listening?.When you give you subconscious mind a problem or a challenge to solve, the best time, I have found, is before I fall asleep to think about and many times those ideas will come to me during the next day or while I sleep. The subconscious mind is always working on it. Understand very important though is that your subconscious mind does not respond to force.

You cannot make it do things you cannot use coercion. It responds to belief and acceptance. You need to let it happen and understand how to harness that energy because as you study successful people, successful CEO's, multi millionaires they're following their gut they're following their intuition and that is their subconscious mind. They don't have time to go through all the facts, figures, reports, and analysis. They follow their intuition; they follow their gut, whatever you want to call it.

It is one of the power tools of the ultra prosperous.Napoleon Hill actually calls it autosuggestion or self-suggestion that it needs to reach your subconscious mind. He relates your subconscious mind to a garden. Are letting weeds grow?Are you letting desirable crops grow are you neglecting your garden?.The key that he talks about to programming your subconscious mind is don't use plain unemotional words.

You could only reach your subconscious mind with words that are emotionalized with belief. Why do you think he said that? Why do you think the words to program your subconscious mind have to be emotionalized with belief? When it is emotionalized with belief it not just some abstract thought it becomes part of your it becomes more than a belief it becomes your future and your vision and your goal and understand that you shouldn't get discouraged the first time when you can't control or redirect your thoughts it does that time to get there to get to be able to follow your intuition and their might be some that are spectacle about it and my words to you is go out and try it and test it if successful people are all talking about it then try it use it program your mind and you'll see a big difference because even on the way to wealth, people pursue wealth and they have these little obstacles and blocks that they put in front of them and you need to be bold enough to say it's okay for me to be wealthy its okay for me to be successful. We have a right to.There is abundance out there; there is plenty for everybody out there. You want to make sure that you can give back and that you can help out and understand that a lot of people have the road block for example many times you hear, wealthy people aren't happy.

Is that true? Well, you hear that money doesn't buy you happiness, but it does help you buy the things that does, Right?.What is another thing that has been programmed early on about wealth in our society? Root of all evil, you bet, we've heard that it's the root of all evil. Be careful, you'll go to hell if you have money. Money is corrupting and power is corrupting. One of my favorite quotes goes like this, "The best way to help a poor person is not be one of them." So it is important to program your mind, it is okay to have wealth.

You are going to give back, you are going to help out, and there is abundance out there. And there is no virtue in poverty.Money or success or whatever you are pursuing isn't more evil than gold, lead or iron. It is just the misuse that you see out there. The media tends to focus on companies, like for example Enron, which has destroyed lives to make money. We're programming our minds that we can use money to change the world and make the world a better place.

That's what you want to go after and that's what you want to do.That is so important, that is such a big roadblock for many of the people that we talk to.Because you have to understand that when you have any of these thoughts they could sabotage your success until you realize where they are coming from. Wealth, success and where you want to go is a subconscious conviction. Many people recommend repeating the word wealth or success or happiness to themselves repeatedly for five minutes before they sleep. Because when you start feeling wealthier or successful those feelings produce more feelings of success and wealth.

Understand your conscious and subconscious mind must agree. The subconscious will accept what you feel to be true. The subconscious mind is real and is something that you need to program.

You need to look at some of your past programming and see if that is affecting your future success. Understand when those thoughts come into your mind no thought can dwell in your mind rent-free. It always has an affect on your future success and what you are going to accomplish.

Again, any success text you read will talk about the subconscious mind and the importance and how it can change your life. It is important; I've found the best time is right before I go to sleep. One of the things that are synonymous with the ultra prosperous is the subconscious mind and how that works.

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By: Kurt Mortensen

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