Rules for Safe Dating

Whether it's a blind date, someone you "met" online, or someone you met while browsing the aisles of the supermarket, it's always best to play it safe for the first few dates. So how do you ensure your safety when meeting someone in person for a first date? First, never give out your home address. Instead, meet in a public place during daylight hours. Coffee shops, bookstores and art galleries are generally good choices.Second, be careful about giving out too much personal information during a first date.

If you're unsure about the person, avoid telling him or her where you work, live, or go to school. In general, it's best to stay vague. Simply say, "I work for a consulting firm," rather than "I work for Todd Keller Consultants.

".Third, do not get into a car alone together. If you want the date to continue on, and you need to change locations, either share a cab or drive your cars separately.Finally, trust your instincts. Our instincts are often something our subconscious has noticed.

If you feel the slightest sense of unease, if something seems strange, odd, unusual or scary, end the date and go home. Have a trusted friend "on call" that will come to meet you or call you with a handy "gotta end the date" excuse.

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We review sites that are directed towards connecting men with women from Russia or the orient for dating.

By: Peter Portero

African Americans

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