Sexuality of Your Man

On East, it is considered to be the most skillful and refined part of body. Eastern beauties, experienced in love, choose their helpmates according to this fleshly detail. To be more exact, to its shape. When they have an opportunity, they turn their look beneath a man's waist. Oh, no, this is not what you are thinking now at all.

Slightly higher ? on a navel! On a great godlike spiral, connecting everyone with its life tree, a mother's womb?.But in our times, this sacred meaning of an omphalos of both sexes has been ignored since long ago. And in vain! Ignorance often incites them to love madness.

And it is clear why ? it turns out, that an intricate shape of a navel can tell a lot about its owner?.A man who has a navel with clear outline in the form of horseshoe fears neither a broken pipe in the kitchen, nor bankruptcy of a bank, where he kept his millions. Your boyfriend is a strong-willed and purposeful man with open character. You will feel fun and light-heartedly with him. He is tender and sensible in bed, falls for love burst easily, especially if you show him your new red strings.

He will surely draw you into sex-shop to buy something interesting.A "question-mark" of an navel will tell you that your darling is a poet inside and a banker from the outside. A man with such omphalos is constantly on the "peak of fame". Sex is sheer emotions and romantic for him. You will not be boring in bed with such partner: sometimes he pretends to be a na´ve schoolboy, sometimes he plays in a wild lioness-tamer. He likes experimenting: he tries poses from the last page of Kamasutra and will definitely seduce you in a wooden house on a former kindergarten's ground? You will just spur on his sexual-erotic fantasy, decorating your sweet bum with a tattoo, a charming elastic belly ? with piercing.

An navel-ball? Oh, a soppy boy has fallen to your share! He seldom makes decisions by himself and will definitely turn out to be under your fashionable thumb. This big child will require constant care and attention. It is quite probable that you will have to cook him semolina in the morning, and give to drink milk in the evening. However, this goody-goody is full of erotic fancies, which he is shy to realize. Charm him with tempting underwear, burn his passion and you will experience manna from heaven.

A navel is formed by lots of arches? This is a real council of passion! Here is a man, loving receiving pleasure and striving to superiority in everything, especially in sex, he just cannot live a day without sex. Living with such man under the same cover, means living on the edge of a volcano: he has a fiery temperament, and his passion is just splashing! This "volcano of passions" will expect readiness # 1 from you any time of day and night, on that very place, where you are caught by his impetuous desire. And the main this is that you should be thinking only of him, an all-powerful god of love.

A wide indrawn navel will give you a stubborn, strong-willed personality, inclined to struggle and having living power. Remember: it is quite probable, that its owner can maintain a harem, his heart is big, like another no less important organ, it will be enough for everyone. Are you caught by a lion's mouth? You will have to look like girls in male magazines, and behave in bed no worse, than girls in male films, so that not to bore him.

An oblong deep navel ? is a lot of a conceited man, who requires to be told of his numerous great talents every moment, and on no account you should mention that his former class-mate has twice bigger salary. As for sex, long and exquisite love prelude is very important for him. Are you in love with such a "hub of the universe"? Accept the rules of his game ? a hunter and a prey, to live in peace and harmony with him. Of course, it is you who has to play a role of a wonderful prey in a skillful and subtle manner.

Today our look's focus is wandering, like a sight of a drunk shooter, not knowing where to find a target and on which sweet part of a wonderful body to settle down. It is wandering, a poor one, and homo sapiens are still archly experimenting in a 21st century and setting skillful traps of seduction for each other. And piercing and tattoos crown this peak of pleasure. However, all these reflections can be addressed both to a woman and a man, who pay, probably, the same attention to this part of body.

As for these sights, a real equality of sexes cab be seen here. It is so funnily ? to imagine your bed squabbles with an object of your desire, even not knowing him! Who is he ? egoist or initiator? Guess!.


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By: Yana Mikheeva

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