Sexy Surprises for the Woman in your Life

It's amazing what a well chosen bouquet and a few scented candles can do. Wine helps too?but only if it's a kind that she really likes. And a clean house also makes for the beginnings of a great surprise for your beautiful lady.The bath surprise.

What woman doesn't feel like a goddess when she's in the bathtub by herself? Leave a note for your woman to go to the bathroom where she'll find all of her favorite bath products and candles. Leave instructions on what she should do with this time. A stereo with some soothing music is always nice. Tell her that she should relax and enjoy her time alone. You can even bathe her if you think she would like that. Washing a woman's hair is very erotic and feels great.

Use your fingertips to massage the scalp slowly and thoroughly. Of course, you can rinse her hair out and then help her brush it. The trick with combing long hair is to start from the bottom and work your way up. Snagged hair is not sexy at all. Take your time.

The masseuse.There's nothing sexier than a relaxed woman after a massage. Start with finding an area that is warm and inviting for her to lie on. A massage table is best, but a bed will do in a pinch. Make sure that the room is heated because massage makes the body cool down. No need for her to freeze.

You'll want to find some massage oil for the actual massage. Ylang ylang, sandalwood, and anything musky are great sensual scents. You can even start the massage after the bath surprise.

To give a great massage, you'll want to use the bigger parts of your hand?the palm and the heel. Using fingers can be painful because that exerts a lot of pressure on a little space. A lot of people don't know this. Use long smooth stokes across the areas with a lot of muscle.

This means that you can massage harder on the legs and buttocks, while the arms and neck need a softer touch. And nothing beats a good hand and foot massage. In a pinch, these two alone are great sexy surprises. Rub firmly in the centers of the palm and the bottom of the foot. Use a massage lotion on these areas because they tend to be drier than other areas of the body. Take your time with the massage and ask her what feels good.

Then repeat whatever she liked. Another trick is to finish off with gently brushing the fingertips over the surface of the body in a sweeping motion. This feels like a feather being smoothed over the skin and it very relaxing as a finishing move.Sexy gifts that will satisfy any woman.

A lot of men are afraid to buy their woman lingerie because they think that they look shallow by doing this. They think that they look like they only have sex on their mind. And while this might be true, finding lingerie that matches their partner is a great way to show affection. Think about what your woman might like. If she doesn't like to show a lot of skin, think about a cami or a baby doll.

Perhaps she might like a corset or a nice thong. And for the everyday sex appeal, you can buy her some stockings or a nice garter belt. While these look sexy in the bedroom, they're also great additions to a work wardrobe. There you go, now you look practical as well as affectionate. Surprising the sexy woman in your life is easy. Now, get to planning!.

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By: Lexi Raine

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