Spiritual Hibernation

This is a topic that has come up for me lately. It was brought to light by my partner and friend and I found it resonated on a deep level for me. Because I love words, I looked it up in the dictionary for confirmation that I knew exactly what it meant. I then used the Thesaurus for a deeper meaning; that one really struck home. Inertia - resistance or disinclination to motion, action, or change.

I was in a state of resisting change. I was stuck. I was making movement, but it was more of the creative distraction kind of movement. It seemed to be going somewhere, but in reality it was I was a hamster on a wheel.

In going inward on a deeper level, I can see how I was stuck in a low energy pattern. Talk about a call to action!.Coach, time to coach thyself! Time to take action, to make the inner changes that will manifest on the outside. Time to take action that is meaningful and will create movement in the direction of my life purpose. I have made a conscious decision to look at my addictions. I have started with the most obvious one to me and made a commitment to not do that one action for 21 days (long enough to create new neural networks and new behavior).

What a powerful exercise this is turning out to be.This one thing is allowing me to see all the addictions that keep me stuck. It is allowing me to see where my energy is being drained. I am the observer of my life. I am seeing the little things that I do every day to steal away my time, energy and focus.

These are not bad things, per se. Is watching TV bad? It was for me when I did that to fall asleep instead of writing my script for the next day, or reviewing my goals. It kept me from meditating many times. But then I would think that I can justify it; after all I worked hard all day!.It is these little things that make a huge difference.

It is certainly what I work with my clients on. How did I end up like the bear in the cave for the winter? It was something that I was not aware of.Here is what I would recommend.

Take one thing you do habitually and change it. Stop it or re-create it for 21 days. Become committed to the process. See what happens for you.

See what shows up in your life. Take the challenge and see if you have been in spiritual hibernation and unaware of it.Remember that 96% of everything we do is habitual. Shake it up. Get out of your comfort zone. Dare to break the inertia of your existence.

Dare to wake up to the world that awaits you. Come on, it's great fun!!.

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By: Nancy Heimstra

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