The Art of Allowing

The art of allowing begins with you.To allow yourself to take control of what ever situation you are in. When you allow yourself full control over the situation that you are currently in, you hand over everything to the god force (Or higher part of you, spirit, divine ? what ever you choose to call it) Giving your god force full control of the situation allows it to do the best it can with what it knows. It can not do otherwise. Your body is programmed to work towards what it knows best for you. This part that is given control can then work in your best interest, but only if you allow it.

Allowing it to do what ever it wants. A concept that is easily grasp ? but harder when acted upon. This place that takes control of your emotions, thoughts and perceptions of the world is then granted access to work in your best interest with the intent of allowing and the knowing that it has total control over what ever it wants to do with your life.I recommend you start with small changes when allowing this part of you to surface; it takes time to build up your senses and to have this higher power working for you daily. Don't put too much allowing on your higher power too soon.

You will just set yourself up for failure. Keep your steps small and gradual. As long as you are tapping into this place of allowing and giving yourself over to the internal god force you can only move forward as much as you give.How much are you willing to give?.Now its your turn: I give you the challenge this week to give yourself over to the internal god force that resides in the spiritual part of you.

Allow it to do what ever it desires. Watch what you do, how you feel, and the outcome that is achieved by this. Don't judge, condemn or criticize this part of you. Just do it, and then watch what happens.

This is the first stage, and that is enough for now?.God bless.

.Sarah Liddle
Authentic & Simplification Life Coach
Imperative Life Coaching.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Sarah Liddle

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