The Power of Having Absolutely Unshakable SelfConfidence and Faith

I was 19 years old and faced with a decision that would change the course of my entire life..I'd just received a job offer to work (during college breaks) as a junior accountant at a large real estate company.

If I took it, I'd make good money that summer and I'd be able to spend time with my best friend.Problem is, I also received a job offer to work as a conference aide at my college. If I took it, I'd receive terrible pay, have to be at work by 7 am every day, and I wouldn't see my best friend all summer.Decision, decisions?.

What would YOU have done?.I thought it over, even compiled list of pros and cons. And do you know what happened? I tossed it all into a nearby wastepaper basket and I accepted the conference aide position!.Friends and family alike thought it was the wrong move to make.Who wouldn't?.But I followed my "gut", my instinct, my inner knowing, and I knew it was the right thing to do.

As it turned out that summer, because of this choice, I ended up having one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life and it changed the course of my destiny. (anyone interested in hearing more about that, feel free to email me at few years later, when I was 22, most of my friends were all moving on to grad school, but not me. Instead, I filled up my $400 car with some clothes, my two cats, and a business degree, heading off to Texas - to become a door-to-door perfume salesman!.That was when I started reading 'The Master Key To Riches' by Napoleon Hill.

.One day, I inscribed, on the inside cover, 3 goals that I had in life: 1) To become more self-aware 2) To start my own business 3) To help other people improve themselves too.In the many years that followed, I:.* took a job stuffing envelopes in the advertising department of the New York Law Publishing Company; * worked as a graphic designer for 9 years; and * continued my career as an internet marketer for a motivational speaker.Today, Laura and I are the cofounders of Pathways To Power, LLC.Today, I am living out the dreams of that 22-year-old dreamer.

At 19 and at 22 years old, I had enough awareness to do the right thing. But it certainly didn't always appear to be the right thing. And I had no way of knowing how I'd get from point A to point B, let alone arriving at where I am today.Are you where you want to be in life today?.Are you confident you're on the right road, going in the right direction?.

Who do you listen to more: yourself or the people around you? You must have absolutely unshakeable self-confidence and faith in yourself and your abilities. When you do, then you're practically guaranteed to succeed.Why?.Because the vibrations of having unshakeable self-confidence and faith go out into the world and, by the law of attraction, get reflected back to you, bringing you experiences that will support your success.

When you move with certainty, the world recognizes this and will not only step aside to let you by, but will even rally around you to make sure that you succeed.However, if you allow doubt, worry and fear to enter into your mind, then you'll likely draw many obstacles, "bad breaks," and missed opportunities to you.And remember: I'm not suggesting you try succeeding alone. No way.

A Bill Gates, an Oprah Winfrey, and a Donald Trump all have their advisors and support people they turn to for suggestions. But ultimately, these people of great achievement most certainly make decisions and move about the world with unshakeable self-confidence and faith in themselves.They are magnets for success.

And so are you.One of the biggest problems people have today which prevents them from succeeding wildly is that they doubt themselves and their own abilities..Always check in with yourself to make sure the direction you're headed in feels right to you.

And never give away your power to other people.If you make it a practice to have absolute confidence in yourself and your abilities, you'll be able to do what is necessary for your own success, without having to worry about the rest?because life will help you move along in the best way possible.Listen to yourself. Believe in yourself. Make things happen.

Sincerely,.Keith Matthew and Laura Roman Lopez
Pathways To Power, LLC

.Keith Matthew and Laura Roman Lopez have been teaching self improvement and wealth building techniques for 12 years. Visit http://www.pathwaystopower.

com/ns-freeworkshop.html to sign up for a Free 7-Day Success Workshop.

By: Keith Matthew

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