The Sources of Any Knowledge

I have always wondered where our academic curriculums; law, politics, international relations, business administration, philosophy, biology, health, aviation or building come from, but now, I have found the answer to the above wonder. These academic curriculums come from our "repeated surroundings" and these repeated surroundings are referred to as the sources of any knowledge. What are repeated surroundings?.

Repeated surroundings are any social phenomenon; good or bad, which have happened many times. Sources of education are instigated they touch the hearts of those caring about human lives and societies; consequently, they (those caring about human lives and societies) decide to be deeply aware of the issue and spread those issues to the public. To make them (those care about human lives and societies) deeply understand the issues and to syndicate to the public, collecting, codifying or other storing mechanisms are needed: from here come all any source of knowledge.I stated that only repeated surroundings that can become our sources of knowledge, because anything that occur only once, would not touch the hearts of those humanitarian persons or would not the educational or preventive necessities for human beings and societies.Let see the concrete examples in the society for clarity. Repeated traffic accidents (repeated surroundings) would lead to the establishment of laws and regulations related to road traffic: speed limits, civil compensation for those injured or sanctions to those committing serious negligence.

Fridge-invention (one of technology-related subjects) was instigated by human desires to have cold or cool food or beverage and diplomatic law would be just arisen from the repeated relation approaches taken by two or more countries in the past .etc.All of us always grumble about the absolute complication of academic work, but just be aware that what we are being educated about are just the repeated surroundings from both the present and the past.

Above all we are just learning or reviewing what just came across us this morning, what we wrongly committed in the night club last night, repeating or encouraging the perfect things done by an illiterate child in Rwanda and other everyday phenomenon, behind or in front of us. Remember! Sources of knowledge are born from both good and bad repeated surroundings. For good phenomenon, such as national top student, law or regulations to encourage more outstanding students may be established. For bad phenomenon, such as intoxicated driving, law to ban intoxicated driving or to sanction intoxicated drivers would be resulted.As a L.L.

B student, translator, freelance newspaper columnist, media liaison officer and prolific on-line author, I do feel the complications from both academic and employed work; however, knowing this fact (the sources of any knowledge) has extensively helped me to break any barrier obstructing my path to achievements.This knowledge-based article is to help or encourage those striving for better tomorrow to see a simplistic, yet foremost fact that would serve as their path to any end."Always apply why and always-possible approaches to any complication" (Coined by Lay Vicheka, Tuesday, May 18, 2006, 10:00 p.m.

, Cambodian time zone).

.Lay Vicheka is a translator for the most celebrated translation agency in the Kingdom of Cambodia, Pyramid Translation Co.Ltd. He is now hoding other two professions: freelance writer for Search Newspaper; focusing on social issues and students' issues and Media Liaison Officer for Asia's first free on-line IELTS consultation website. Lay Vicheka is the expert author for ezine and prolific article contributor to other websites around the world such as articlecity, 365articles, spiderden, talesofasia, etc (Just google him).

He is also a volunteer Cambodian-newspapers columnist (Rasmey Kampuchea and Kampuchea Thmey). Lay Vicheka has great experience in law and politics, as he used to be legal and English-language assistant to a Cambodian member of parliament, migration experience (home-based business) and in writing. He is also member of a New York-based research company. Posting address: 221H Street 93, Tuol Sangke quarter, Russey Keo district, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Tel: 855 11 268 445,

By: Vicheka Lay

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