The World in Days By God How Did He Do It

In reading Genesis one has to ask how could anyone make the known Universe in 7-Days, create life and then rest? Well if he did or if one did, well I guess he might need a little vacation indeed. Book him on a cruise to a Tropical Island Paradise before Hurricane Season of Course?.Recently this point of contention came up in an online think tank when one gentleman wrote a potential eventuality of how it might have happened if indeed you take the Bible not so literally and are careful not to come to any definite conclusions right away;.(1) The Word and the 7 Days ? First there was nothing. Then there was this almighty BANG and everything started to happen, right? But it didn't happen all at once, first matter condensed from energy ? firmament ? then planets started to form, then stuff like water then plants and finally animals. The time it took is not important, just the order in which it happened.

In other words could there have been a Big Bang in the Bible, without destroying the credibility of the religious literature or storyline? Could 7-Days be more like seven billion years? Is that possible? How about a different timetable? Because if there was no Sun yet and the Earth did not rotate yet then there were no "Earth Days" yet either? And before I get too tricky on the details of what happened. Why don't I just leave your little human mind there to think on it? Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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