Tropical Storm Beryl is She Warming Up

Is the next major Tropical Storm warming up and forming out side the Caribbean, approaching slowing into warmer waters? This is possible as we have some formation happening along the outer string of islands in the South Eastern Caribbean, could this possibly be Beryl? That is Miss Tropical Storm Beryl to you.The infrared weather satellite shows a little bit of strong development out there and this means things are indeed heating up. Are the strong trade winds able to blow it apart prior to formation or is the weather finally shifting now and allowing circulation to occur on a much larger scale?.If so then that is quite a bit of activity out there and that means anything is possible and this is not a good thing for those living in the Caribbean and if this storm system gets named and grows into a Tropical Storm prior to hitting warmer waters without getting blown apart by the trade winds then the United States is also at risk as are the islanders who know all too well about such massive flooding waters that Tropical Storms and Hurricanes Bring.

So the question of the day is; Tropical Storm Beryl is She Warming Up? And if so what are her intentions as we go into the Fourth of July weekend? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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