Winter On Mars Is Coming And So Is The Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season

Well, as mankind in the United States of America, along with Central America and Caribbean islands get ready for potentially another devastating 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season; conditions on Mars are much different. You see Mars is the ready for their winter where temperatures will plummet and in the Gulf of Mexico each day goes by ocean surface temperatures are rising. Ocean surface temperatures are like jet fuel for hurricanes and tropical storms.Today NASA has satellites orbiting both Mars and Earth, which help us with FEMA, the NOAA and the National Hurricane Center in Miami, as well as the rover on the colder and growing colder each day frigid surface of Mars.

If you would like to learn more about the Winter on Mars here is a link;. the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season cause as much death and destruction as the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season? Will this year's hurricane season start two weeks early and finish over one month late? Will FEMA be able to respond to the needs of the American people in their time of crisis? Which cities will get hit this year and how bad? How much will it cost the United States government to fix that devastated regions? And will the Mars Rover be able to survive the Winter on Mars? No one knows the answer to all these questions, but one must ponder in advance the solutions to dealing with planetary cycles.

Consider this and 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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