Stop Money Worries from Killing You - Recently, as I was surfing around the web, I found yet another website offering misguided, uninformed and irrelevant advice to people who are stressed, depressed or anxious.

Mestory History Introduction Rascals Spiritual Life Series - I have resisted writing this for as long as I can.

Sexuality of Your Man - On East, it is considered to be the most skillful and refined part of body.

Jack Canfields Success Principles - I?ve learned about the success principles from Jack Canfield.

The Art of Listening - Life is difficult.

Niagara Falls - I grew up in Western New York State, just a few miles from Niagara Falls.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Voice - No matter who you are or what you do, chances are you need to use your voice most of the day.

Collecting Abundance In A Bucket - I listened to a recording recently of two men having a conversation about the nature of abundance.

The Seiche - "Giant tidal wave hits local town lake.

Lance Rants on Diplomacy in the Iranian Atomic Bomb Making Crisis - We cannot allow Nation States, which sponsor International Terrorism to make nuclear bombs? Dah? Whose idea is this? Some think we can use Diplomacy? Yah, good point, let?s try, but we may as well be ready for the inevitable as you cannot negotiat.

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