The World in Days By God How Did He Do It - In reading Genesis one has to ask how could anyone make the known Universe in 7-Days, create life and then rest? Well if he did or if one did, well I guess he might need a little vacation indeed.

Evolution VS Christian Versions of Creationism - Well you will hear no louder debate or greater verbal sparing in online forums than the subject of evolution vs.

Expand and Get Away from Small Growth in a Small Pond - Sometimes we get comfortable and forget that we need to expand our efforts, our limitations, and our horizons.

Wasting Too Much Time Online - If you really want to know how much precious time is dedicated to match-making Web sites and online games that require little skill, just visit your local library computer lab.

Right Reasons Wrong Reasons - One of the biggest mistakes that a person can make in their lives that they may not realize they make is doing things for the wrong reasons.

The Emotional End of A Relationship - The end of a relationship can be emotionally devastating, but it can also mean freedom.

Easy Step System for Prioritizing Your Day and Simplifying Your Life - Overwhelmed with too much to do? Some days are just like that.

Karmic Yoga and Creation Spirituality - To remain involved in Karmic Yoga and derive the joys that come as a result of service one must somehow embrace the ideas that underlie Creation Spirituality.

Matchmaking - While the phrase ?marriages are made in heaven? is a commonly used one, in the real world waiting for divine intervention does seem a trifle unrealistic.

The Only True Aphrodisiac - We humans like the idea of spontaneity in our romantic relationships, we look for drugs and other agents that may help stimulate sexual desire, but love is a rebel bird that nobody can ever tame and lust is a fickle mistress not well understood.

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