New York Green Building Initiative - As is occurring in many states, New York is trying to promote Green Building practices.

Wrong Blames Can Hurt - To blame means to accuse someone of doing something wrong.

Throwing Away the Gift of Democracy in Iraq - Many Americans watch the unfolding of a Civil War, albeit a small one we have to wonder if it all worth it.

Spiritual Challenge in Todays World - You need to look inward.

Conspiracy Theories and Fear What You Focus On You Empower - Barely a day goes by that I do not encounter someone on the Internet passionately proclaiming that the world is held captive by a conspiracy of evil and that the helpless, hapless human inhabitants of the planet have been enslaved by a small dynas.

The Power of Having Absolutely Unshakable SelfConfidence and Faith - I was 19 years old and faced with a decision that would change the course of my entire life.

Do You Harbor Resentment - Harboring resentment is a physiological cancer.

New Tax Laws Would Wipe Out True Poverty Editorial - December 10, 1964.

Learning Power Its Use and Affect On Your Soul - From the moment you are born, you are in a power struggle.

Perpetual DejaVu Lifes Road Marks - So you walk into a place which you have never been before, but you get the strange feeling you have been there before.

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