What if There is a Civil War Over Illegal Immigration Who Benefits - Would anyone really benefit if we divide our country in a civil war over illegal immigration? If it ever did happen who would benefit by such a horrible tragedy? Well; some say the Arab World, The Mecha Organization, President of Venezuela, Cuba,.

Winter On Mars Is Coming And So Is The Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season - Well, as mankind in the United States of America, along with Central America and Caribbean islands get ready for potentially another devastating 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season; conditions on Mars are much different.

Green Card Requirements what are they and how do I comply - What is a Permanent Resident Card? .

Does Compromise and Priority Fit Together in Gods Word - I'm sure, like me you may have been thought of as being "holier than Thou" at some point in time during your walk of faith.

One of Americas Best Kept Dirty Little Secrets - It can happen to anyone.

Boycott Pitifully Weak and Poor Showing - Illegal immigrants and illegal aliens took to the street in protest and as promised they did not show up for work like lazy sloths and instead marched in our streets complaining about the United States of America.

How To Reduce Stress - This article looks at ways to reduce the amount people stress.

The Sources of Any Knowledge - I have always wondered where our academic curriculums; law, politics, international relations, business administration, philosophy, biology, health, aviation or building come from, but now, I have found the answer to the above wonder.

Dont Judge Yourself - A story is told about an old farmer who was improbably accused of being the father of a teenage girl's baby.

How To Deal With Negative People Part - In How To Deal With Negative People -- Part 2, we discussed the two types of negative people and your number one strategy for dealing with them.

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